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Breathplay and Mini Yoga Nidra: 15 minutes of breathing exercise to music followed by a 15 minute luxurious yoga nidra (deep meditation). A chance to set an intention as we explore our subconsious mind through our breath and then deep relaxation.

Booty N Core: This lower body and core strength workout includes a variety of exercises targeting the glutes, hips, thighs, abs, and back. Techniques change from exercise to exercise and include slow, heavy training, fast-paced endurance exercises, and core moves that challenge balance, stamina, and stability. Add intensity by using resistance bands, extra weights & more challenging options. 

Body Conditioning: A full body workout from head to toe, designed to improve fitness, balance and mobility. Get ready to get your sweat on whilst trying new funky moves.

Strength N Tone Yin Power Yoga Fusion: TA delicious combination of Yin poses with Power Yoga poses to strengthen and tone your entire body whilst developing your range of motion and flexibility. This flow based class will have you working up a sweat, while toning and strengthening your muscles through body weight exercises. Connect your mind and body through different postures, core work, arms, and legs to build endurance mindfully. You’ll leave feeling that yoga glow of hard work and relaxation! 

Flow N Go Yoga: A beautiful gentle yoga flow beginning with deep stretches. Ideal for slowing down and relaxing your mind and body.

Funky Functional Power Yoga: An energetic, dynamic vinyasa style of Yoga, where one pose flows into the next in a strong sequence linking movement to breath. Expect to sweat with playful sequences for varied and engaging classes, to stretch and challenge body and mind. Once you embark on a Power Yoga practice you are guaranteed to see improved strength, balance and flexibility.


Spinal Activation Sculpt Fusion: A fun fusion of Kundalini inspired moves with deep stretches plus body conditioning moves. This class is all about strengthening our bodies and minds with this playful mixture of practices. We will connect the breath to movement and have an epic session to brighten your mood and day.

Yin Rocket Fusion Yoga:  We begin with Yin Yoga poses to compliment the Rocket Yoga. Rocket Yoga is based on the famous Larry Schultz Rocket Yoga Series. A fun session of twists, turns, balances and more.

Moon Magic Sessions: Join us each week for 40 minutes of yin yoga as we connect to the moon and our season. This dreamy session will connect heart, body, mind and spirit to our Cosmic Moon. We will follow with a meditation and the weeks of the Full and New Moon we will also have the option for journaling too.

What Else...?  Included with your subscription you will get FULL ACCESS to ALL past classes including:


Legs N Core

Detox Yin Yoga

Hippy Vinyasa

Power Breathwork

Fascia Release

Rocket Yoga

Dynamic Power Yoga

Tension Release Yoga


Mandala Yoga

Arm Balance Tutorials

And so much more!


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