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Beating Diabetes Through Exercise - Opinder's Story

I have known Opinder now for almost two years, where we train regularly once a week alongside his own training at Fitness First Ilford. Opi is incredibly motivated& determined, he continously makes great progress. Proving that through exercise and change of diet, Type II Diabetes can be controlled with minimal amounts of medication. Opi continuously strives to beat Diabetes with the ultimate goal of being medication free.

I asked Opinder to share his inspirational story:

What is your current weight and weekly exercise routine?

I am 76.5kg (168lbs/12stones), 34” waist. I train 4 days per week for one hour, including one personal training session.

What did you weigh at your heaviest?

In 2011, I weighed 106kg (233lbs/17stones). Waist size 44”

What kind of lifestyle did you have at your biggest?

I did not exercise and ate very unhealthily. A portion of chips was my usual snacks.

Did you have any health conditions due to your weight?

Yes, in 2003 I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

Did being diagnosed with Diabetes affect your lifestyle? Were you concerned?

No, I thought it was normal as my father was Diabetic. I didn’t take it seriously and didn’t make any changes. I was just given medication to help control it, 4 times per day of 850mg of metformin (3400mg per day).

What made you decide to lose weight and exercise?

When my father passed away in 2009 from a heart attack from his diabetes, it was a wake up call. He was only 76 but had made little changes to help his health. When I went back to the hospital they also advised me that the tablets were no longer enough to control my diabetes and I would need regular insulin injections. This horrified me. I refused to accept that I would need injections and made a promise with the nurse that I would return in 5 months and would lose weight no matter what. I then joined Fitness First and began to change my eating habits. When I returned back in 5 months I had already lost 6kgs and vowed to lose more until no more medication was needed.

Was it easy to lose the weight?

No, I work night shifts and am mostly sitting down all night. It’s difficult, as my eating times are all mixed up and people in the office tend to eat lots of sugary snacks.

What kind of exercise were you doing?

I began with doing lots of cardio then some freestyle training with weights. After two years of exercising I then decided to get a personal trainer to help me get even more results. Hoping to finally be off all medication.

How is your life different now?

I feel great in myself! My diabetes is now reduced to 500mg per day rather than the 3400mg I was previously taking!

Do you enjoy exercise?

I LOVE exercise! It’s a great way to reduce stress and has helped me control my Diabetes.

What’s your end goal?

To completely beat Diabetes and to weigh 75kg……I’m almost there!

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